Know My Name:Yasmin Mulbocus

Know My Name: Yasmin Mulbocus


Location: United Kingdom

Member of the Against Violent Extremism Network
Former Extremist, Al Muhajiroun

WHO: Yasmin Mulbocus is a “Former.” That means she is a former extremist who now works for peace. Yasmin has been involved in ground community work since post 9/11. In 2004 – 2006 she designed and cordinated shows for a community based radio ‘Radio Reality’ discussing some of the socio dilemmas faced by the Muslim Community.

WHAT: Symons knew that people are vulnerable to trafficking because of the lack of economic opportunities. She wanted to help but knew that she faced a huge roaSince post 7/7 attacks she has been heavily involved in youth based projects such as M.Y Voice and to ensure certain ideologies/narratives are challenged by inviting specialist organizations to deliver effective workshops and volunteering opportunities to enhance in employment/future careers.

She has worked with the local government as a ‘Beacon Coordinator’ from 2009 – 2010 to disseminate good practice to build ‘Cohesive & Resilient Communities’ both on a local and national level. She recently facilitated a joint conference with the U.S Officials and Representatives from UK Specialist Consultants ‘H.Y Talks – Question Time ‘UK & US Relations and US).

WHY: She bases her vision to ‘Educate, Empower and Engage’ women to become proactive citizens in their communities. Her focus is now to work with ‘grass roots’ organizations like West London IMPACT to help steer young people away from extremists ideologies and to work on projects based around their such as developing ‘Critical Thinking’, ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Social Enterprise’.

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