Know My Name:Tanya Henderson

Know My Name: Tanya Henderson


Location: Based in USA, Global Presence

Know My Name: Tanya Henderson
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WHO: Tanya Henderson, Founder of Mina’s List. Tanya is an international human rights and gender lawyer whose work has focused on women’s rights and empowerment; the role of women in conflict resolution and peace-building; and women’s political participation through U.S. policy, international multi-lateral agencies and civil society, and coalition building among global women political leaders.

WHAT: Mina’s List was established in 2014 to realize women’s equal (50%) and substantive political representation in national governments around the world. Substantive representation means that elected women politicians are willing and able to advocate for women’s interests in the political arena. Mina’s List provides the necessary tools and resources to empower women who aim to run for political office and commit to advance women’s rights in the political sphere.

Know My Name: Tanya Henderson

IN HER OWN WORDS: “Over the last several years, I have had the great privilege of working with women Parliamentarians from around the world. From this experience, I learned how tremendously effective a few courageous women can be when empowered as independent decision-makers in their national governments.

For example, in 2009, my friend and colleague, The Hon. Shinkai Karokhail, who is an elected Parliamentarian in the National Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, was the only member of the parliament to oppose a draft Shia Family Law, which included many provisions that would have rolled back women's rights in Afghanistan-- such as child marriage and prohibitions on women leaving the home without permission from a male relative. After Ms. Karokhail reached out to the international media, the President of Afghanistan agreed to accept amendments to the draft law. Ms. Karokhail then personally introduced over 50 amendments to make the Shia Family Law more just for Afghan women and girls. Ms. Karokhail is a powerful example of what women can do when elected to national governments and have the resources and tools to make independent decisions that advance women's rights.

Yet globally only 1 in 5 Parliamentarians is female and in 37 states women account for less than 10 percent of representatives in single or lower houses. The 2011 UN General Assembly resolution on women's political participation notes:

"Women in every part of the world continue to be largely marginalized from the political sphere, often as a result of discriminatory laws, practices, attitudes and gender stereotypes, low levels of education, lack of access to health care, and the disproportionate effect of poverty on women".

That's why I created Mina's List, to provide the resources and education that will balance the playing field and empower women, who will advocate for women's interests, get elected to national government.”

{excerpted from the Huffington Post}

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