Know My Name:Muslima Exhibit

Know My Name: Muslima Exhibit


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Location: Global

An online exhibit featuring art, voices, and stories of Muslim women around the globe. (excerpts from The Curator’s Statement)

WHAT: Muslima is a revolutionary virtual exhibition presenting a wide collection of thought-provoking perspectives and visually arresting artwork from contemporary Muslim women around the world who are speaking to the reality of their lives. They’ve shared their voices and artwork on topics including generations, leadership, power, faith, and much more. In the process, they are defining what it means to be a modern Muslim woman.Know My Name: Samina Ali, Muslima Curator of Muslima Exhibit

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WHO: Samina Ali, Muslima Curator of Muslima Exhibit

IN HER OWN WORDS: “…join our campaign and pledge to support the efforts of women worldwide who are leading the movement for a more equitable and inclusive world, often at the cost of their own safety. Combat pervasive negative attitudes about Muslim women that confine and restrict them, lessening their lives.” –

CHECK OUT: The stunning art and the Tweet Chats. Tweet Chats engage Muslim women on a wide range of topics from women, 9/11 and peace, to the portrayal of Muslim women in the media.

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