Know My Name:Julia Kharashvili

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Know My Name: Julia Kharashvili
I was accused of being a spy


Location: Georgia

WHO: Julia Kharashvili

WHAT: Kharashvili has worked for more than two decades for women’s rights in Georgia.

IN HER OWN WORDS: “My organization works in many ways to help women. Because of the conflict constantly being present and occasionally flaring up again, we have conducted several studies of the effects of the war on women. In Zugdidi, about 60 000 refugees from Abkhazia are living in difficult conditions. We focus on improving their situation through legal and psychological support.

Right now, we are also running the campaign All women’s right to a home. In Georgia, many divorced women are living in the streets. According to the legislation, a church wedding is not enough for a woman to achieve equal rights to the assets within a marriage – for that, a civil ceremony is also required. This is something that many women are not aware of and which many men deliberately hide from their wives. So, upon a divorce, the woman has no legal right to their joint home, and risk becoming homeless. We run this campaign together with 30 other organizations and to our great joy we have gained the government’s attention. This raises hope of a different future and is just one of many proof that women are key agents of change.”

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