Welcome to the Know My Name campaign

About Sahana Dharmapuri: The Gender AdvisorA Note From The Curator

Today, with media attention focused almost exclusively on the escalation of extremist violence around the globe, women and men fighting for peace on the frontlines remain invisible to the public.

I created the Know My Name platform to help amplify the voice and vision of countless women and men working to end violence and change the public narrative about creating peace in our lifetime.

By increasing the visibility and credibility of these peacemakers, Know My Name aims to expand the current public narrative about the power of nonviolent action to transform extreme violence.

I believe that sharing the experiences and perspectives of peace and human rights activists, former extremists, artists, bloggers, political candidates, and others will help us recognize the many innovative solutions to creating a more peaceful world available to us right now.

I'd love to hear from you. Nominate someone you know to be profiled as part of this project.

Sahana Dharmapuri

Jolynn Shoemaker

Women's Global Leadership

Sarah Symons


Tanya Henderson

Women’s Political Participation

Sakena Yacoobi

Women’s Political Participation

Wilfrida Lalian

Climate Justice

Gé-Gé Katana

Women's Human Rights Defender